fuel-oilCFL OIL TANK REMOVAL is an experienced oil tank removal contractor. We will remove any unwanted oil tank on your property and properly dispose of it. The benefit of hiring us to remove your oil tank is that we make it as easy as possible for you by handling all paperwork and dealing with any remaining oil in the tank.

Even if you are not selling your home we strongly recommend that you call us to remove your existing underground oil tank. The fact is that underground oil tanks eventually leak into the ground causing damage to the environment and leeching into the groundwater. It is much less expensive to remove a tank before it starts leaking into the ground.

We care about the Central Florida community and the cleanliness of our water for both human consumption and a healthy ecosystem.


Oil Tank Requirements:

  • New Oil tanks must be installed above ground (It is currently illegal to install an underground oil tank).
  • If your oil tank is underground and you sell your home the oil tank must be removed before closing.
  • The owner of the tank is responsible for oil leaks.
  • Spills or leaks must be cleaned up in accordance with the State petroleum cleanup rule (Chapter 62-770, FAC)

Simply put it’s cheaper and easier to deal with an oil tank now than it is when it has become a problem.